Schlep Day! (Thursday)

¨Wake up, Lotion up, repellant up, and get up. It´s a beautiful day!¨

As we all opened our eyes in response to Paul´s singing and capering (some of us only required 1 call but for others required upwards of 3 or 4), we readied for another day of schlepin´, building, bending, and twisting on the JHC site. Breakfast was absolutely delicious despite the remnants of bug spray and sun tan lotion in our mouths, and the coffee from our friends at El Porvenir was nothing short of amazing (sorry Dunks and Starbs).

After breakfast, the resident expert on all things Nicaragua, Cirilo Otero, strolled through, grabbed a cup of joe, and gave the group a brief presentation on the current climate, socially, politically, economically, and environmentally, in Nicaragua. He was accompanied by our friend from JHC, Daniel, as the translator for the group. After his brief presentation, he entertained all our interesting questions. After 2 hours of insightful dialogue, we all packed into the ambulancias and headed over to the JHC site. We weren´t able to bring our favorite husky, Loki, with us, but he chased us all the way to the gate.

For the first time ever, the group finally got to work on constructing rebar structures that buttress the building during earthquakes. Other Brigadistas used their carpentry skills to build molds for the windows and doors. Some people shadowed Emily and Dr. Flores while others dished out prescriptions all day in the farmacia. Our friends at the work site had fun teasing everyone for a majority of the day as Nick mispronounced the number ´9´ (nueve) and Lucas thought he was telling him it was raining (llueve). In an odd turn of events, the sky got pretty dark with what appeared to be rain clouds and a few drops actually fell. The joke is on Lucas who said it would never rain because we are in the dry season.

After work, we returned to JHC, showered up, and waited for dinner to celebrate one of our volunteer coordinator´s (Grace´s) last day. We had many friends of JHC and their families join us for dinner which was exciting. We wrapped up the night with a relaxing reflection and discussion. With the days left in Nicarauga waning, we are looking forward to squeezing everything out of our culminating experiences.

Shoutout to the fam (Mom) and my favorite girl, Sarah Stroup, Love you! -Bartek

Same.  -Chad












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