Last Day in Nicaragua

Today was our tourism day! We commenced the day with a later start, eating breakfast at 7:45 instead of 7:15. Breakfast consisted of rice and beans (like always), eggs, and bread. Our first stop was the Masaya volcano (live volcano park). It was an amazing experience, as we were able to get relatively close to the crater of the volcano and see lava. The group took many photos before heading to the volcano’s museum to learn more about the history behind the volcano. We then drove to San Juan de Oriente, where we arrived at the home of Pedro Guerrero. Guerrero is a potter, who has received a multitude of awards for his creations from all over the world. Guerrero began by giving us a demonstration of how he would typically go about creating pieces. He showed how he would bend and shape certain parts of the clay in order to form specific curves. Once this molding portion was completed, the clay model was fixed with a glaze before he began drawing designs using various tools from a toothbrush to a bicycle spoke. Eventually, the clay is baked so it can harden. Creating and finishing a piece required 16 steps.

Today was a much different day than the rest of this service trip. We had the chance to tour Nicaragua as if we were tourists. It felt as if we were vacationing today. We started breakfast a little later, so we had the chance to sleep in a little bit after our night out at the disco. Breakfast was amazing and I really think I’ll miss rice and beans for breakfast. After breakfast we headed to the Masaya volcano, which was incredible. The view was amazing and you could barely see the mouth of the volcano, which was covered in clouds. The air smelled like sulfuric acid from a chemistry lab and was a reminder of the power of the volcano even in its active state. We stopped at a museum on the way back down the mountain and I thought it was incredible to see how many volcanoes are located in Nicaragua.

After the volcano park we visited Pedro Guerrero who is an amazing Nicaraguan potter. We were able to see how Pedro sculpted his pottery and he told his story about essential starting from no where to now being presented with awards from multiple countries for his amazing work. I made sure to keep the pottery I purchased safe as we headed to the beach. We had an amazing buffet lunch and then had the chance to swim in the Laguna. The water was incredibly warm because there was still lava heating the water. We all enjoyed the beach and worked up an appetite as we headed to dinner and then back to CEPS. I can’t believe that this trip is about to be over, but I have had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and have really enjoyed all of the new friends that I have made!

Overall, this trip has been incredibly amazing. I have learned so much and really enjoyed every moment spent in Nicaragua. One thing I learned was that everyone has a story to share and it is important that we learn from others, listen to others, feel for others, and love each other to the absolute best of our ability. I hope that we are able to return to Nicaragua once again and I am excited to go back to Bucknell to share my knowledge and experience that I have gained from being on the brigade.

Thank you for tuning in and reading our blogs!

Nice Love,

Ivy, Maddie, and Maha


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