Adios a Nueva Vida

We started today with a challenge. We were divided into four teams and sent into the mercado with only 200 cordobas (around $6) to our name, and ordered to buy food for a family of six in Nueva Vida for one week. We needed around ten lbs of rice, six lbs of beans, three bags of corn meal, a liter of oil, five pounds of sugar, five pounds of salt, and enough fruit for juice for the week. We quickly realized that we has been sent out on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. The vendors laughed at the fact that we wanted to buy so much for so little. Long story short, we all failed (even the group that added 100 cordobas of their own money), but ended up donating the things we did purchase to four local families in Nueva Vida. This taught us all an important lesson about poverty, and made a lot of us realize how much food we waste every day.

After the task, we went back to the clinic to resume construction. The concrete brothers made concrete. The wheelbarrow gals ‘barrowed concrete. The painting painters painted. Together, unstoppable.

We got that done pretty quick. Then we went to lunch, and a lot of people napped. We’re all pretty pooped.

Then the troops went back to the clinic. We were eager to finish our individual projects that we all worked on all week. The painters were finishing rooms, the concrete gang was pouring at rapid rates, the dirt shovelers were shoveling, we were all wicked focused. Awesome rally. Shows heart.

We stopped work around 5, and were talking to to the workers on the site. Lucas, Pedro, Rogelio, and Victor told us we were the hardest working brigade to come through! They were excited about all of the work we accomplished, and told us to all come back next year instead of giving other people their turn. We don’t know if this is just something they say to everyone, but we’re cool with it either way. We all were bonding, and took lots of pictures. Lucas is a homie. Pedro is sassy. Victor is a hunk. Rogelio can boogie. We loved working with them on the construction site all week, and will miss them a lot.

We rode back to CEPS (our home for the week). As our locks flowed freely in the Nicaraguan evening breeze, we couldn’t help but realize the spirit of Sandino is alive in all of our hearts.

We just cheered on Bucknell in the big game and we’re proud of the boys for their efforts. Now we’re waiting for Paul and Eddy to bring back ice-cream for all of us to enjoy.

Adios from your favorite Brigadistas,

Abby, Adam, and Ellie


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